Medicare Supplemental Plans – Options (Part 2)

When thinking about medical supplement plans, it is vital to understand the accessible options to interested individuals. There is naturally a lot of talk that Medicare advantage will be on the chopping block as the national health plan goes into effect. If you believe that healthcare costs are going to go down with a national health care plan, you are delusional. The insurance companies are not stupid, and paying for more people and allowing for pre-existing conditions is going to cost someone and that someone is going to be you… Just be prepared… and you won’t be surprised.

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Now, the bottom line, all the plans my friend are the same. Did you hear that, all the plans are the same? It is like a flat screen TV that is being sold by multiple stores. It is the same product but it may be less expensive with one store verses another. So, you should shop price, price, and more price. That is the way you win this game. Do not be fooled by the agent when they tell you their product or value is better. That is not possible. Their price may is lower, and that is something you can hang your hat on.

Are the plans easy to comprehend? No, you will have to do a lot of research by yourself. Also if you are interested in a Medigap plan, you will eventually end up speaking to a salesperson, you can bypass the salesperson if you choose a Medicare advantage plan.

Something to keep in mind, if you choose a Medicare advantage plan, is to let the doctor know the name of your plan on making your appointment… The advantage plan is an insurance contract with a third-party, that is assigned the premium, deducted from your Social Security check. The insurance company stands in place of Medicare coverage. This is somewhat confusing, but helpful nurses will show you the way to cut through the clutter.

Therefore, calm down, and be cool by this entire information overload that you will get. Compare prices and go with the best priced plan. Do not think that a national carrier is more reliable and pays more that is non-sense. Each carrier has to be certified each state that they want to do business in. They would not be doing business if they were not up to standards of the Insurance Commission as expected from us.