Reasons for not fearing Medicare

Shifting from employers insurance to Medicare can be intimidating. It might seem like a cumbersome job to look for policies and find the one suitable for it. Medicare is one of the biggest insurance programs and hence is safe and secure.

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Huge Network:

Most of the physicians participate in Medicare. All healthcare providers, doctors, and Insurance companies are integrated together under this system. All the same, providers are available even if a person has applied for Medicare supplement plans as it does not matter if the Medicare insurance provider and Medicare supplement plan insurance provider are different. Moreover, all the doctors under Medicare will provide treatment irrespective of the Medigap insurance company.

Medicare supplement plans 2019

Medicare and travel:

People travel extensively after retirement. Most of them spend months in different states to visit and spend time with their children and grandchildren. It is more common among people who have families living in different states. But this does not pose a problem because the Medicare and Medicare supplement plans are national social programs and can be put to use anywhere. The only problem could be if the person has Medicare advantage subscription because it usually has network restrictions and treatment received outside the permitted location might not be covered under the policy. But any other policy including the Medigap plans does not pose location restrictions.

No referrals necessary:

Under certain policies such as the HMO it is necessary to get a referral from a doctor to get treated by a specialist but when it comes to Medicare, referrals are not necessary. The subscriber has the liberty to choose any specialist to get treatment. Only certain services might require authorization so that maximum coverage could be ensured. Moreover, the liberty to choose the insurance provider is also beneficial.

Maximum coverage:

Plan F covers all of the expenses. Medicare original plans may not be able to cover copayments or deductibles. But the Medicare supplement plans cover the rest of the cost and relieving the subscriber from paying even one dime. Since plan F is will be no longer sold from 2020, Plan G might be the next option as it offers the exact same benefits except for an annual part B deductible to be paid.

Medicare and Pre-existing conditions:

Pre-existing conditions mean that the person has health issues prior to shifting to any plan. There might be a worry among such people that these pre-existing conditions might not be covered if they transition to Medicare. However, this is not true. Medicare Parts  A and B cover it and there is no waiting period. It is, however, necessary to enroll in some Medicare supplement plan so that the benefit continues.